Illuminator Lures are the most technologically advanced lures in the world.  They are manufactured in a robotic clean room using the highest quality components available.  

They are designed to look like a standard "plain vanilla" jig.  Don't be fooled!  Inside the resin head there is an 80 hour lithium battery, printed circuit board, resistor and transistor.  In the shaft there is a light emitting diode that is water activated!

The paints are made of rare earth compounds that give it a superior glow.

They weigh approximately 1/8 oz.  This gives them a slow fall to keep them in the strike zone.  They are very versatile.  Use them with your favorite plastic tail.  It will have a presentation you have never seen!  The Illuminator will give a soft glow to 1-1/12 inches of the plastic.  

Try using them with bottom bouncers or a drop shot rig. Never recharge again!  Stay in the strike zone and maximize your fishing opportunities.  Also, great for night fishing walleyes with a bobber on your favorite reef.

The water activated LED turns on when wet, and turns off when dry.

No batteries or switches to mess with.  They are very sensitive and are designed to work well for open water and beneath the ice.  

I invented these jigs while sitting on a bucket at my favorite fishing hole.  (Isn't that where all great ideas come from?)  I was fishing for suspended fish, which I was picking up on my flasher.  Unfortunately, my flashlight had turned on in my pocket, and was dead by the time I got set up.  I had always caught fish with glow jigs at this spot.  This time I didn't catch a fish! I thought that maybe there was something to these glow jig.  So, I figured I would come up with a better mousetrap.

US Patent # 8,061,075
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