Water Activated LED Lighted fishing jigs! No more recharging your jig for the optimum glow. The Illuminator Jig starts working as soon as it hits the water.
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Water Activated - LED Lighted Jig

Jig lights up when wet and turns off when dry.  No more recharging your glow jig with lights.  Keep your jig lit the whole time you are fishing.

80 + Hours Battery Life

A lithium batter operates a highly efficient LED light.  The Illuminator Jig turns off when dry to help preserve the battery life for many, many fishing outings.

Matzou® Hooks

Razor sharp hooks will never let you down no matter what you're fishing for!

Glow in the Dark

Not only do our Illuminator Jigs automatically light up with our patented water sensing LED light, but we have also added in a phosphorescent glow in the dark paint for maximum visibility.

Simple Outside, Advanced Inside.

Designed to look like a standard jig. Don’t be fooled! Inside the resin head there is an 80 hour lithium battery, printed circuit board, resistor and transistor. In the shaft there is a light emitting diode that is water activated and illuminates a glowing LED light for superior visibility in all fishing conditions.

Weighing in at approximately ⅛ oz, the Illuminator Jig has a slow fall to keep them in the strike zone longer. Our jigs are very versatile, use them with your favorite plastic tail and The Illuminator will give a soft glow to about 1 inch of the plastic.  The Illuminator Jig also works great for ice fishing whether being jigged with plastics or used on a set line with live bait.

No batteries or switches to mess with. Designed to work in open water and beneath the ice.


The 1/8 oz Illuminator water activated jig is equipped with a 2/0 razor sharp blood red hook.
Glow blue will be available soon!
Extreme cold temperatures do not effect the Illuminator's on board battery. It is a great choice for icing walleye, jumbo perch, northern pike, catfish, burbout, bass, crappies and more.
Yes, the Illuminator lure is extremely productive when used to catch snook, stripers, speckled trout, red fish, bone fish and many other species of saltwater game fish.
Yes, they are more environmentally friendly than traditional lead jigs! The llluminator has been tested by an independent lab and are mercury and virtually lead free.
Absolutely! These lures are finished with a long lasting durable earth compound glow paint allowing anglers to use them for a very long time.
Simply scrape off any excess paint covering the small contact next to the eyelet and the eyelet itself located at the top of the jig head.
llluminator's built-in long life lithium battery will provide 80+ hours of continuous service.
Simply tie the lure on and attach either translucent soft plastic or live bait and start catching fish. The on-board LED will automatically glow when wet and turn off when dry. No switches, replacement batteries, replacement bulbs or excessive manual charging required.
A high quality long-life lithium battery, circuit board, transistor, resistor, and LED are built into it's unique resin head.
The llluminator water activated glow jig weighs approximately 1/8 oz with a slow fall characteristic that keeps bait in the strike zone longer than ordinary lead head jigs.
red jig

Red Jigs$2.95 per 2 Pack

red jig

Green Jigs$2.95 per 2 Pack

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